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Vertikal Ltd supports municipalities in their daily function. Vertikal can open up economics and services provided by municipalities in a clear and easy to understand manner. The main product of Vertikal is the the performance based SPB-management system which connects economy and performance in a new and innovative way. The SPB-model creates a win-win-win situation and the winners are citizens, workers of a municipality and the economy. Besides SPB-model we provide various estimations and analytics. During the last five years Vertikal has become the trusted partner of nearly 100 municipalities in Finland. Our company has prepared surveys for ministries and companies as well.

Vertikal Ltd. Is the Finnish partner of the network for education-export. The project has started in 2014 in cooperation with English partners.

Vertikal has been developing municipality provided services since 1995. We are an organization of experts with a wide network. The organization is led by senior expert of municipality services, Simo Pokki.

In SPB- model a performance cost is computed for organizations and departments, which, through the work completed, gives the performance based income. The cost of performance is based on productization and pricing. Profit is counted by deducting the real costs from performance based income. Besides economic measurements we can use qualitative measurements as well.

In SPB-model, income- and operating units are at central stage, their decisions define, how much money the organization uses. We give authority and responsibility to as much operating units as possible, so that a single manager or worker can have a real impact on the economy. Through SPB-model the economic knowledge of staff and management increases significantly.

SPB-model`s productization and pricing is done by using cost coefficients. Cost coefficients are important parts of the management system. Performance costs of each operating unit - and in some cases goals as well - are defined individually – taking into consideration staff salaries and differences between basic unit functions.

The SPB-model is especially flexible. The organization itself, based on its existing patterns can determine the products, prices, coefficients, goals, rewards ect. With SPB-model we can use incentives and bonuses.

The model enables budgeting, financial planning, as well as - the introduction and development of follow-up. Own tools are developed for this purpose. As a support for the model an accounting and follow-up tool has been created for unit managers.